Our Integrated Creation Model

High Speed.
High Yield.
Low Impact.

Welcome to the crossroads of brand creation and biotechnology, aka the Debut speedway.

Our iteration style is rapid and frictionless. By eliminating the sluggish pace of bureaucracy, we have given ourselves the freedom to develop, design, and build at an unprecedented pace—shortening production timelines from years to weeks.

Brand Lab

Science Lab

Our Integrated

Creation Model

White Space

We don’t need to muscle our way into the market. AI-powered data intelligence and true human insight pave the path. We build thoughtful, purposeful, community-driven brands that solve real problems.

Ingredient Discovery & Creation

Our biotechnology manufacturing platform gives us exclusive access to previously out-of-reach, innovative, high-performing ingredients at record speed.

Ideation & Concepting

We imagine and create for the future of humanity and planet earth. Our team’s interdisciplinary expertise ground our wildest ambitions, giving them feasibility and financial longevity. ESG remains at the forefront of all decisions: from ingredient creation and formulation, to manufacturing, packaging, delivery and re-use.

Formulation Testing & Claims

Our in-house capabilities flip the uphill battle into a hurdle-free sprint—taking us from ingredient discovery to clinically backed formulations in ~12 weeks, rather than the typical 12 months, with a 92% cost reduction.

Prototyping & Testing

There’s power in doing it all ourselves. By bringing batch formulation in-house, we leverage the ability to prototype and market test quickly. We see what clicks, and then refine and validate product opportunities in rapid succession within our human-centered, data-driven process.

Pre-Clinical Testing

Our white space findings put us at the starting line with a clear objective—not a broad target. We can easily implement and customize focused clinical testing plans.

Large-Scale Manufacturing

Rather than outsourcing, we are equipped to handle every aspect of manufacturing and mass production from the inside. We have unlimited control over what and how we create—and how we scale. No surprise production bottlenecks or ambiguous practices here.

Production & Market Introduction

We consider in-market reception the final test in our process. We keep our operations lean and aren’t afraid to kill what isn’t working. Ego doesn’t dictate what moves forward. Results do.