Normally, we would start this preamble by telling you what we believe.

Who we are.
What we do.

How we’re not another synthetic biotech company.

We would begin every sentence with “we.” As if we were writing The Constitution. The Declaration of Independent Innovation.

But you’re too smart for that. You know convention is boring. And conformity is the antithesis of advancement. The status quo is crippling for a free thinker.

So we will not offer patronizing clichés about reinventing the future or how we’re one step ahead. We’ll skip the corporate lingo, eco-friendly lip service and BS advancements. There will be no “putting a pin in it.” No “circling back.”

There is only commitment to progress.

Our Mission

To set a new standard for big business through our dynamic intrapreneurial model and to create purposeful brands that push humanity forward.

Want In?


Young Mavericks.
Wise Elders.
Straight Talkers.
Honest Partners.

A collective of brilliant minds and entrepreneurial thinkers who challenge how things are across all corners of the business.